Part 3: Holy Moly, It’s Working! What Do I Do Now?

And so on to Part 3, Holy Sh*t, It’s Working … Now What? (Yes, I’m sorry to say I censored that word in the title of this post).

So what is it all about, you ask? This is practical advice on how you can choose the Right Man from all the ones who are paying you so much attention.

Just imagine being in that situation! Instead of taking what’s on offer, at last you can pick and choose who you go out with, who you’re seen with, who you actually get intimate with.

And of course you need to have some ground rules, and you certainly need to know WHAT you want in a man, before you make a choice about which man’s heart you want to capture, and perhaps make him love you for all eternity.

So this is practical advice about how you can choose between all the men that are suddenly appearing in your life.

Some of the advice is just really downright reassuring: remember, for example, that dating a man doesn’t mean you’re planning to marry him. In other words, you can have fun while you explore what’s on offer.

And suppose you believe that there’s only one soulmate out there for you, and you have to go on picking and choosing until you find him? Well, this faulty belief is dispatched in no time flat: Claire Casey reveals exactly why the myth that there is only one man who’s right for you is exactly that — A MYTH.

Capture His Heart and Keep Him Forever is a pretty powerful title for a program on dating advice for women: but the thing is, dating is more than that. It’s like an experimental phase where you can find out whether the men you’re meeting are the ones you want to be around. More specifically, you can find out whether the men you’re meeting are the ones you want to know more about, and get to know more deeply, in a special way.

A little bit patronisingly, I think, Claire Casey calls this section

“Sorting the Keepers from the Throw-Them-Backs”!

Of course one of the things going on here is learning how to break all the patterns that have attracted you to Mr Wrong so many times (go on, admit it, we’ve all been there, we’ve all make mistakes).

Now just think how much easier your life would have been in the past if you’d had a guide like Capture His Heart and Cause Him To Love You For A While (oops… just joking)! You’d probably have avoided a lot of wasted time and emotional upset.

So here’s the chance to start over and do things right.
There’s how Claire introduces this section:

The (Monstrous) Difference Between NEEDING a Relationship and Wanting One ….

Do you know any “GirlfriendZilla” women? They date a thousand guys and have a thousand failed relationships to show for it. No man can ever do enough to satisfy a GirlfriendZilla’s desperate craving for… Well, for a relationship with a man and all the happiness a man can “give” her.

Except that you can’t really MAKE someone happy. You have to find happiness and satisfaction within yourself first.

Now, I ask you – is Claire right? You know the answer… if you are feeling in any way desperate for a man, you’re already in trouble. The best possible mental and emotional position to be in is the one where you WANT but don’t NEED a man in your life.


But knowing the theory and putting your knowing into practice are two different things. So if you think you’re in any danger of grabbing the wrong man just because he’s ready, willing and available, please read this section of Seize His Heart and Make Him Love You For Eternity!

There’s plenty more extremely valuable suggestions in this section. And they’re about making you the kind of gal that a man would die for….

For example, if you haven’t practised gratitude, take it from me: gratitude really can transform your entire outlook on life. Full information about how to do that in 5 minutes a day comes courtesy of Claire Casey.

And have you ever blamed yourself for those less-than-perfect relationship experiences? (I mean the bad ones!) Well if you have, there’s a technique in this section to stop blaming yourself and start moving forward with a positive attitude.

And have you ever wanted to de-clutter your life? Simplify, reduce, de-clutter? Yes? Find out how to do it here!

Do you have goals, but let go of them all too easily? Good! Get the tips you need to stick to the your objectives here!

And last but not least, what can you do to stop “needing” a man? Discover the secrets of independence here!

So, Catch His Heart and Keep Him Forever is a practical handbook to having a good quality relationship with a good quality man, without losing the habit of being an independent, happy woman with her own mind about what she wants, and the vision to get it.

checklist-thumbThis section ends with the exciting — and maybe essential — section “Considering Commitment: Top 10 Signs That He’s Marriage Material”.

Oh boy, we’re down to the nitty-gritty now! Just imagine knowing the top 10 indicators that will help you determine whether this guy, the one you think might be your life partner, really is a man with whom you can share the rest of your life.

Yeah that’s right, the top 10 indicators that this is the guy you might want to marry.

Need I say more? Capture Your Heart and Keep Him Forever lists all the things you should know about a man before you settle down with him for ever!

And if that seems too frightening, then the next section might rescue you! Read on….

Should You Simply Date….
Or Are You Ready For Commitment?

Don’t worry — you signed up for a program which is designed to help you find you the man of your dreams. And now you’re approaching that moment where you have to decide to choose the benefits of dating, with or without commitment, an exclusive monogamous relationship, or some other way of living.

This section of Mike Fiore and Claire Casey’s program reveals the secret to discovering important things you can learn about yourself while you date – the things that will help you decide if you do want to settle down right now, the things that will help you decide if this is the man for you for the rest of your life.

And perhaps you don’t even know what commitment looks like?

heartHappily Claire Casey can explain commitment to you: the possible risks, the possible benefits.  And more. The need to be honest with yourself, to assess your priorities, and look after yourself. How to establish trust. How to assess a man’s integrity.

And more than anything else, the power of communication — and how you can discover if this is a guy with whom you can communicate heart-to-heart. Beautiful!