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Capture His Heart Forever! An Honest Review!

A Great Decision If You’re Looking For Love!

Well, you’ve made the decision to invest in Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever. Now, you’re going to buy it. Great! What do you need to know? Let me tell you, if I may.

First of all, please remember the purchase of the main program in Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, as well as the bonuses which I describe below, are all “zero-risk” to you.

That’s because there’s a no-questions-asked, 60 day money-back guarantee with your purchase of Capture His Heart. 

This guarantee is offered by Clickbank, the sales processor, not the publisher, a gentleman by the name of Michael Fiore. So literally all you have to do to get your money back is click a button.

Anyway, the next thing is the bonuses. When you buy Capture His Heart, you’ll be offered three bonuses to buy.

I’ve actually bought these bonuses to check out what they can do for you. And I’m going to tell you what’s in them, right here, on this website.

That way you can decide for yourself if you want to buy them. You won’t be seized by your heart’s desire for love and impulsively make a rash purchase before you’re well-informed.

This is basically dating advice for women and relationship tips for women. And I am well qualified, as a man, to comment on this.

You see, the thing is, I’m a trained psychotherapist and counsellor. I have years and years of experience helping men and women have better relationships and great sex.

So I’m not going to give you some phoney review claiming Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever is the best thing since sliced bread, to make you buy  it. I hate that kind of thing. I mean, you don’t want to be told what to do by a lying salesman, do you?

An Honest Review Of Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever

Is such a thing possible? Yes, read on to find out why.

This way, you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to invest in Capture His Heart. As I say, the program is published by Michael Fiore, who runs the company Digital Romance Inc. Seizing the moment as co-author is Claire Casey, who wrote the program.

Here they are – publisher and author respectively of relationship advice about how to catch a man’s heart and make him adore you for ever….. Mike Fiore and Claire Casey. Ta daa….

mikefiore clairecasey

Author Claire Casey describes the way a man and woman can go out on a date, and the woman may feel she’s really found a man on the same wavelength, somebody exciting, a man who might possibly be the one who seizes her love and takes her heart captive … at long last. They have a great evening, exchange numbers …

And then, silence. He doesn’t phone, he doesn’t text, he doesn’t email.

This has happened to almost everybody. It’s incredibly disappointing. Women wonder: why does a man behave like this? Well, the answer lies in a very basic piece of male and female psychology.

You remember John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus? He probably had it right all those years ago.

Because the truth is simple – men and women are different in some really important ways.

They have to be, otherwise there wouldn’t be the excitement, the chemistry, the polarity of masculine and feminine. But, boy, does this lead to some difficulties. Sometimes having a relationship can feel like being taken prisoner, or captured and being held captive!

Held Captive? 

What I’m talking about here is the way that men are excited by the prospect of “the chase”. For a man, something deep in his genes makes him want to romance a woman, pursue her, show her that he’s the one for her, seduce her, and basically “win her”.

It’s a bit like the way some male animals have to show the females of the species that they are the ones with whom the females should mate. Now that’s a competition among male animals. But there’s competition among men, too, especially when it comes to capturing a woman’s heart.

And unfortunately, we live in a world where even our deepest instincts aren’t expressed in the way that they would naturally be.

That’s why programs like Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever sell so well – they really do help people navigate the world of romance.

In days gone by, courtship was a genteel and slow process. A man captured a woman’s heart over months, if not years. He couldn’t just “seize her” because she’d play hard to get (maybe).

These days courtship is fast and furious (well, sometimes!) And so a woman has to know just exactly what she can do to keep a man interested enough to offer her his heartfelt love. That way she can capture his heart and his emotions and ensure he loves her forever….

And he needs to know how to capture her heart and make her love him, too. Take it from me, I speak as a man, and I know about these things.

Please note:  capturing his heart, or her heart, using stuff you learn on the internet, is not manipulation. It’s modern courtship!

I think “courtship” is a good word. If you don’t really know what it means, this might help – the first definition that popped up on Google when I did a search: courtship is a period during which a couple develop a romantic relationship, especially with a view to marriage.

I’d say these days you could replace the word “marriage” with “long-term relationship”, but one or the other is certainly what most women want. The key thing is men want it too, but quite a lot of them have to made to see that fact by falling in love with a woman, who must then know all about capturing his heart and keeping him forever!

I hope this is making sense. What it amounts to is this: if a woman concludes she’s found the right man, and starts behaving in a way that conveys this fact to the man too soon in the relationship, he’s either going to be scared off, or give up because he doesn’t feel the thrill of the chase any more.

This male-female “game” of romance is a delicate, enjoyable, fun, and often very necessary game played between two consenting adults. It’s what we’re genetically programmed to do… this video on Filipino courtship shows.

Read on to see what bonuses are available with Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever !

Free & Paid For Bonuses

The Bonuses You Can Buy With Capture His Hheart

Read about the FREE bonuses you get when you buy this program by CLICKING HERE!

Capture His Heart Paid for Bonuses

The trouble is, if you don’t know the rules of the dating game you’re gonna lose out. And that is where Michael Fiore’s extra bonuses (the ones you can buy) with Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever come in.

After all, no man is ever going to tell you this stuff when he starts going out with you.

Great Dating Advice For Women

mikefioreMike Fiore (pictured) hits the spot with these bonuses.

The first paid-for bonus in “Capture His Heart & Make Him Love You Forever” is called The Second Date Guarantee.

This is a step-by-step guide to the things a woman can do before, during and after a first date to ensure that will make sure the man you are seeing has a powerful desire to chase you, seduce you, and see you again.

The key factors, according to Michael Fiore and his co-author Claire Casey (a real person by the way) are a selection of very feminine wiles – used by women through the ages to get what they want. Now summed up in a very neat way as relationship advice for women:

  • how to use mystery and curiosity before a date
  • what you must do on a first date to “bait the hook” for a man you like
  • whether or not to have sex on the first date
  • what to say at the end of the first date to plant the “second date seed” deep in his mind (so he starts to plan it on the way home)
  • a selection of text messages you can send to him that will give him a subconscious indication that you’re open for a second date without saying it outright (this calms his fears about being rejected, even if the first date has gone incredibly well)
  • and a run through of how a man actually sees a first date, what’s going through his mind: the real and honest truth about what the man wants, all that he feels about you, and what he wants for the future.

You know what? When I read this, even though I’m a man and I’ve done my fair share of dating, I just had to buy the bonus to find out what (if anything) I didn’t know about myself! This kind of relationship advice for women needs to be good. It needs to work. I mean, why waste time dating? Why not get it right first time?

More Great Dating Advice For Women

clairecaseyAnd as part of this paid for bonus with Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, Claire Casey (pictured right) and Michael Fiore also offer you “The Second Date Texting Arsenal”.

This is a guide to the most powerful texts you can send a man to throw him off balance and create a feeling of powerful attraction and maybe even love.

He claims these two bonuses have a value of $291 and is offering them to you for just $27, backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.


You can read more about them here.

If you move on to a new relationship, Michael Fiore has yet another bonus for you that you might care to invest in. It’s called NEVER FIGHT AGAIN.

This piece of dating advice for women (and men!) is something I know all about….

A diversion, great advice about men and women in relationship.

Love Is Not Enough

I know that’s not very romantic — it might even sound a bit cynical — but it’s a simple fact. To have a truly “Life‑Long Love Affair” where he never cheats, never looks around, adores you, celebrates you, and brags about you to his friends takes more than just love.

You need something to stop those arguments, fights, and disagreements happening.  Hence this bonus – NEVER FIGHT AGAIN.

The claim is that this bonus will show you what you really have to do to make love grow, flourish, and transform into true fulfillment — something that will touch and elevate every aspect of your life (instead of choking it, beating it up, and constantly crushing it with broken promises or bad expectations).

In my opinion, if they really have got this dating advice for women and relationship advice for women off pat, then they’ve achieved a hell of a deal!

The claim is this program will let you Catch Him And Keep Him in harmony and peace. Here’s what the authors say:

It will give you everything you need to make sure you never “mess it up” with Mr. Right… so you can grow old together, laugh together, love together, and be the envy of all your friends. Never Fight Again has been a true passion project for me… the most powerful and potent material I’ve created, and the one thing I truly hope to be remembered for when I’m long dead and gone.

So this bonus is all about having a harmonious and long-term relationship. Now, I’m a trained psychotherapist, and over the years I’ve done a lot of work with men and women giving advice and information about how they can establish and maintain a good relationship.

A relationship where open and honest communication, spoken and read from the heart, leads to greater and greater intimacy every day.

That’s the key factor here for me. Greater intimacy. If this bonus, called Never Fight Again, has any value whatsoever, then for me it must match up with the psychological principles that really help establish a great relationship.

So once again, I bought this bonus and I will tell you exactly what’s in it and whether I believe it works or not. Meanwhile, before I get on to that I’m going to summarize for you what’s inside Never Fight Again.

They are:

1 ) What love really means to a man, and why it may well be completely different what a woman wants. Fiore provides techniques that a woman can use to inspire a guy to offer the kind of love and adoration that a woman requires.

2) Why it’s a trap to think that you can make a man happy. He gives women the relationship advice and information and dating tips and advice you need to ensure your relationship works really well form day 1.

3) Why fights are never about what they really appear to be about.

4) How you can keep disagreements from turning into massive disputes, complete with yelling and screaming. 

5) What you really need – beyond love – to have a “forever” relationship.

6) How to stop those annoying little things a man does irritating you beyond reason. Great advice and counsel here!

7) How to talk to a man openly and honestly about even the most brutal frightening topics, knowing that no matter what you say, he’ll stick by you.

Here’s what Michael Fiore says about this: I guarantee that when you read “Never Fight Again”, you’ll be frightened, shocked, relieved and elated. You’ll feel like you’ve finally got the magic power to get off the relationship roller coaster you’ve been on for too long… To finally have a man who truly loves and respects you… To be finally free of all the fear and anger and stress… The magic power to… well, to never fight again. 

Now this sounds good – of course. But is this bonus with Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever any good? Is it great dating advice for women? Do the relationship tips mean anything at all?

I’ll tell you in my open and honest review of the bonuses (see a link to them at the top of this page) if this bonus is good, great or cr*p.

I’ll tell you, based on the psychotherapy training I have – that was four years and thousands of dollars to acquire – whether or nor what Fiore claims is true. If it is true, then the $67 price tag is small price to pay for a lifetime of love and harmony.

Continue reading about the bonuses here.

More About The Bonuses You Can Buy

whole-prorgam-mediumRead about the FREE bonuses you get when you buy this program by CLICKING HERE!

And even more bonuses are available for you for a small investment! Starting with…..

Get a Masters Degree in Men!

Here’s what Mike Fiore has to say about it:

In Claire Casey’s “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever”, you’re going to learn the simple secrets to finding, attracting and keeping that one special guy in your life forever …But I want to give you the chance to learn how to actually read a man’s mind … to know EXACTLY what he wants better than he does … to know EXACTLY how he feels about you and how much he loves you without ever having to ask and to understand his mind, his heart and his body on a such a deep, primal level that he’ll actually fight to keep you (and only you) in his life forever, would rather cut off his own balls than even THINK of cheating on you and will never even look at another woman again.

What seems to have prompted Mike Fiore to add in this bonus is the fact that every day, in his large Internet consultancy, where he offers good-quality relationship advice, he gets lots of emails from women asking how they can get men to open up and tell them the truth about what they want, feel, and need.

As we all know, men and women alike, the truth is most men don’t respond well to questioning in this area. In fact, containing his heart’s truth can sometimes look like a man’s most important mission.  Catching a man doesn’t mean he’ll open up to you!

And of course, helping him open up, so you’re really communicating, is a major part of this program.

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever (Really!)

A couple enjoying a beautiful sunsetGenerally, men don’t want to talk about how they feel, or what they need.

And as you may well know, a man may even lie to a woman to avoid revealing what’s in his heart.

He’ll certainly avoid the issue if you start pressing him on it.

The irony is, a man will do this no matter how much he loves you. 

Certainly men talk to each other differently to women. And men take those differences into conversations with women.

Now, with all the men-only support and therapy groups I’ve run, I know exactly when, how and why men open up and talk about their feelings. Knowing this may be the best piece of relationship advice for women you ever read.

And in some ways, you’d be surprised about how easy it is to get a man to reveal what’s going on in his heart and mind, if you just know how to set the situation up.

That’s a much better way to make a man feel he wants his heart to be captured by you…. and much more likely to make him want to come on a second date with you. Take my advice. I know what I’m talking about….

Anyhow, in that vein, Mike Fiore claims that this bonus will reveal things you need to know about how men operate, so you can work with them in a way they’ll love you for. Here’s what he says is on offer in this section of relationship advice:

  • what men really find attractive in women
  • how you can tell if a man is lying (and the techniques a man can use to defeat a woman’s intuition)
  • why guys rush into new relationship soon after a breakup
  • what guys think of women who have sex with them on the first, second or third date, and exactly how your first sexual encounter shapes a man’s opinion of you
  • how you can keep a man interested beyond the first date (information which Mike Fiore says will “make you burn every copy of Cosmopolitan“: frankly, in my opinion, you should do that anyway if you’re relying on Cosmo for dating and relationship advice  for women. If you do what this rag mag advises around men , you’re 100% certain to crash and burn when dating men)
  • what guys look for in a woman’s Facebook page or dating profile (and here Mike Fiore’s claiming you can set up an amazing profile that will attract great guys like a magnet – and I tend to agree with him that this will help you capture his heart and make him love you forever)
  • why men look at other women, and what it means when they do it
  • why men look at porn online, and what it really means
  • how to tell if a man genuinely loves you
  • how you can find out exactly what’s going on in his head and his heart without him saying a word
  • why men cheat on women
  • the sexual fantasies men would like you to join in but will never reveal without you first offering him the sexual thrill he needs
  • why trying to make a man happy will kill your relationship
  • how to make sure that a man never lies to you.

This is powerful stuff.

Capture His Heart Bonuses Continued

And along with all of this relationship advice for women and dating advice for women you get, courtesy of Mike Fiore and Claire Casey, 4 exciting CDs and PDF documents, telling you all about:

1) The Human Lie Detector –– a special interview with an expert on human behaviour which explains how you can read a man’s body language and instantly know if he’s lying.

This part of the Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever program also contains some really deep relationship advice and information on gender roles in modern society, and why it’s necessary for men and women to behave in certain masculine and feminine ways to keep a relationship strong. (Think back to the so-called “new men” of the 1990s – you’ll quickly see that masculinity and femininity really do matter.)

2) Interview with a Cheater — this CD is billed as a no-holds-barred interview with a man who admits cheating, giving you a candid look into his mind and motivation.

 Mike Fiore claims that you can find out exactly what goes through man’s mind when it comes to cheating, and so make yourself into a woman that no man will ever cheat on.

Here’s a video on the subject of cheating:

3) Unstoppable Confidence — men like a confident woman. Fact! Did you think men like feminine vulnerability?

Well, it might be attractive for a man to protect a woman he sees as vulnerable at first, but the thrill of that soon evaporates.

In fact, female neediness becomes annoying to most men quite quickly.

However, you can exploit your feminine vulnerability in such a way that you really activate a man’s desire to give you all you need in the way of strong, loyal, courageous masculinity in your relationship. This may be one of the best pieces of female relationship advice you ever received.

4) The Insecurity Cure — Capture His Heart may offer you dating tips and advice which transform those first dates  into a long term relationship, or it may not.

Hopefully it will. But if the relationship isn’t going to prosper, you need to be clear and decisive about what to do.

This section of Mike Fiore’s relationship advice for women in Capture His Heart will, so he says, banish your anxiety and kick insecurity out of your life for ever. That means you will never feel abused and no-one will ever take advantage of you again.

This CD even tells you when breaking up is the best thing to do!

5) Sex Lies Exposed. This part of Capture His Heart is a PDF document which examines seven common beliefs that can “murder” your relationships with men. Have you heard about this?

Because the claim is that this part of capturing his heart explains the lies you’ve been told about masculine sexuality.

You will, says Mr Fiore, be amazed at how deep these misconceptions go. I’ll tell you if that’s true in another page of this website.

I’m glad I bought these bonuses, because I can explain to you what’s in them.

Even though there’s a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, these bonuses still cost $97 and you might think that’s a lot of money to splash out without having a genuinely honest opinion as to whether or not you’re doing the right thing in buying relationship advice and dating advice for women off the internet. I hope I can straighten that out for you.

So I’m pleased I found this program and I’m explaining it to you here, because without me and my therapy training, which covered relationships, sexual issues, emotional issues, and how men and women can really have a great relationship, you’d just be buying the Capture His Heart bonuses blind, and maybe not in fact making him love you forever!

Instead, now you know what’s in these bonuses before you try to seize a man’s heart and Mr Fiore seizes your money!

You can decide if Mike Fiore is giving you information that would be helpful to you… whether he offers genuine, tried and tested principles of dating advice and relationship building.


See the link at the top of this page for more on the free bonuses included with Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever!