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Yo! Here are all the AMAZING EXTRA FREE bonuses that you get with Catch His Heart and Keep Him Eternally (OK, well, for the longest time). 

Incredibly useful information you’ll find anywhere else, maybe not the basic information you need to catch a man, but certainly the kind of things you need to know about how to keep a man – this is relationship advice for women of the highest quality.

I’m going to list the bonuses first and then write a paragraph or so on each of them, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

checklist-thumbTo start with: Is He Really The Man Of Your Dreams? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had a checklist that you could use to make sure that the man with whom you’re going out on dates really is the man of your dreams? Well, now you do! This is what the author of capture his heart calls an “early warning system”! (A warning system that lets you detect what he’ll be like in a long term relationship, that is!)     All you have to do to find out if he’s the man of your dreams, is check out 11 simple questions. Everyone loves a quiz, but this one is much more interesting and very much more important than most!

Capture His Heart ReviewNext: Magnetic Attraction. Wow! That’s something we all want to feel. This is a bonus interview with relationship expert Matthew Hussy. Get the real deal about magnetic attraction from this bonus audio interview recording. Read more about it further down this page….

Capture His Heart Review

Three: How To Decode A Man. This is a webinar recording, a kind of explanation of male psychology. What this bonus can explain to you is what it means when a man doesn’t call, what it means he’s buying you jewellery, what it means when he goes quiet on you…. and all the rest of those male behaviours that are a complete mystery to you. Decode them here!

Dating Advice For Women

Four: How To Make A Man Sexually Addicted – to you, that is! Amazing information about how you can keep a man, keep the passion high, and stopping ever looking at another woman.

Relationships Advice For Women From Claire CaseyFive: Surviving The Affair – if you’ve been in a relationship where unfaithfulness has raised its head, this is the information that will let you trust again.

dump-radar_thumbSix: Dump Radar: so you can spot the warning signs that your guy is losing interest in you, and head off the awful moment of separation. Instead, find out how to build the relationship stronger, deeper and better. And, if the time is right to separate — well, it happens — how to do it fast, clean, painlessly and easy.


Bonus Material With Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever

You know, when I first saw this, saying you could discover if your man is “the man of your dreams” or the “little boy of your nightmares” I thought it sounded a bit patronizing.

Then I – your male guide to Capture His Heart – realized I’d been in plenty of relationships with women who only revealed their true nature after we’d been together for some time. How much better to know you’re with the wrong person, for whatever reason, before the relationship goes belly up.

So, as a man, and a man who’s done a lot of work with emotionally immature men in psychotherapy at that, I’m going to have a look at this quiz and tell you exactly what I think of it.

It comes as a PDF download, AND an audio recording, so you can either read it or listen to it. (In fact, that’s true of all the material in Capture His Heart and Keep Him Forever.)

OK, so you want to know if the man you’ve captured is the right one for the job. So to speak.

You don’t want somebody behaving like a little boy: self obsessed, narcissistic, selfish, and thoughtless. The truth is, sadly, there are far more little boys in the world than real men. Men with an outward show of masculinity who, internally, are extremely immature.

Besides the “quiz” this section contains a whole load of extremely valuable dating and relationship tips which explain a great deal about how and why men can hide their true nature. And it’s all about 4 aspects of a man’s character:

  • His willingness to grow and mature
  • The level of attraction feels to strong confident woman
  • The willingness he has to prove himself trustworthy
  • The willingness he has to show respect to you in the relationship

By answering 11 questions on which you can give both yourself and your man a score from 1 to 5, you’ll discover more about him – and yourself – than you’d find out in three months of living together.

In fact, I wouldn’t really call this a “quiz”: it’s more like a checklist – and it’s designed to help you work out the main drivers behind his behavior (and yours).  After you score your answers and total the points, you get a very good picture of your man’s emotional maturity, character, and likely behavior.

These are deep & meaningful questions so I’m only going to give you one example, taken straight from the text of Capture His Heart And Keep Him Forever.

What follows is from the section all about respect….

Question: Does he treat you like a lady?
Consider this: Of course he opens the door for you, carries in heavy packages, and walks you to your door. But treating you like a lady goes far beyond that… Treating you like a lady means he likes that you are a strong, opinionated, confident woman with a good head on her shoulders. He knows you are in charge of your own life (and body), you have an active social life, and are an independent person with ambitions and passions that may or may not intersect with his own. Treating you like a lady means he isn’t trying to control you or turn you into something you’re not. If you do get emotional once in a while, he politely accepts this (even though it actually scares the hell out of him), does his best to offer comfort, and simply hangs out with you until the storm passes. And most of all, treating you like a lady means he doesn’t try to overpower your authority with his; he’s your partner, not your god.

Give your man a score from 1 (terrible) to 5 (awesome) on his ability to treat you like a lady.

OK so you have 11 questions like that, on all areas of human relationships, and you then total the score…. and then you get the truth about who your man really is. And it is the truth, like it or not.

Next: this is followed by 51 questions in a kind of quick-quiz format, where you can assess your man on things like this:

  • If he’s looking for someone to take care of him, not to be an equal partner.
  • Does he makes the exact same mistakes, over and over and over again? He doesn’t seem to realize that he needs to change anything. What does this mean for your relationship?
  • He puts his hand up, or hangs up the phone, or disappears whenever there’s an issue to be dealt with. Do you want to deal with that?

The simple fact is — when you’ve spent 30 minutes or so answering these 63 questions, you’ll have a very good picture of the man you’re with. A TRUE picture. A REAL picture.

FREE BONUS 2: Capture His heart and Make Him Love You Forever ReviewMAGNETIC ATTRACTION
An interview between Michael Fiore and Matt Hussy. Matt is a coach, living in England, who spends a lot of time teaching women how to have more confidence and how to attract great men.

This interview is available as an audio recording and a text / PDF transcript. It’s full of wondrous, sparkling gems that will guide all women to a brighter future….. Example – did you know almost all men lack confidence when it comes to approaching women? Hussy says, completely correctly: “I speak to a lot of women who can’t even imagine that a guy has any confidence issues [around women]. You know, a surprising number of women will say to me, ‘It seems like guys are just confident. They don’t have these same issues [around relationships that we do as women].’ Imagine it like this: yes, guys have grown up with the idea that it’s their job to make the move, right? They grow up with that idea, but they also grow up with the idea that a huge amount of their self worth as a man is linked to what women think of them. So you’ve got guys who think they should be making the move, but also think that rejection means death, or death as a man, and thirdly, never got taught how to make a move. Now if you put those three things together, you’ve got a huge nation of guys who are not as proactive as women think they are!”

What price Emotional Honesty From Men, women?

Advice For Women On Relationships With Men

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever ReviewedFREE BONUS 3: DECODE A MAN

This is a webinar recording, where Michael Fiore and Claire Casey were online with a group of women and recorded a special online training seminar which they called “Man Decoder”.

And what this is all about is explaining to women what it means when a man does certain things: when he doesn’t call you back, when he goes out and splurges on jewellery for you, when he goes quiet and retreats into his cave, when he says “I love you” on the first date, and when he just won’t, no matter what you do, open up to you….. and much more besides.

I believe a lot of women tend to think men are quite simple creatures, and just don’t understand the depth and complexity of male emotions and feelings. They may not even know these deep feelings exist. be that as it may, if you want to truly understand men, so that you can have a relationship with open and honest expression of feelings between you and your man, you absolutely have to listen to this webinar recording. Your eyes will be well and truly opened!

sexual addiction - advice for womenFREE BONUS 4: HOW TO MAKE YOUR MAN SEXUALLY ADDICTED TO YOU

Read it and savour your feminine power, Goddess!

Relationship advice for womenFREE BONUS 5: WHAT TO DO AFTER AN AFFAIR

Painful, hurtful, and hopefully it never happens. But….if it does, you need to know how to handle it.

Bonus material with Capture His HeartFREE BONUS 6: HOW TO KNOW IF THE END IS IN SIGHT 
Well, we’ve probably all been in this situation: Wondering if you’re going to get dumped.

The clues are always there: phone calls are less frequent, and even though the sex is great, it happens less often. Maybe your dating partner’s redesigned his haircut and gym routine. And you begin to think those changes might not be for you.

And so on, and so on, and so on. Getting dumped is bad enough when you know it’s coming, but when it comes as a complete surprise it can be truly appalling. And if YOU do something that triggers the breakup, then – well,  we all know how that feels!

But it takes 2 to tango; and it takes 2 to breakup. So even though you don’t have to tolerate the behavior that’s getting to be a pain in the backside, neither should you wonder how to get at the truth….. and of course you both need to know what’s going on.

crystalYou can be watchful, but how do you know, ahead of time, how things are going? Is it possible to see the future of your relationship with perfect clarity?


Research has shown there are eight key signs that a man is about to dump you. And there’s been a lot of research done on what you can do to stop it happening…

Eight key signs…. they range from your female intuition – a reality, based on your incredible power to read complex emotions – through strange behavior (such as his sudden inability to plan anything, any distance ahead) to obvious signs like pulling away in hugs or only “half-hugging” you.

Apart from body language, there are plenty of other signs that you need to know about – signs that mean there may be trouble ahead.

For each of these eight signs, Claire Casey, author of Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You For Ever, gives you three options: how to fix it, how to decide you’ve had enough and move on, and the things you shouldn’t do whatever you want to happen next (and exactly why those things can hurt you so much).