As always, when reviewing any Internet product, and that’s including Capture His Heart, one has the difficulty of finding any independent reviews whatsoever. That is to say, reviews which are not in fact thinly disguised sales pitches.

So I’ve searched quite long and hard to find genuine independent reviews, and I’ve come up with several good things.

On there’s a long and detailed commentary from a woman who has bought Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, and actually tried it out! How radical is that!

romantic longing for a man

This is a real change from the usual high school kid building a website and trying to make you think that he’s bought the product and used it, when in actual fact he’s probably done nothing more than read a few other websites and lump a bit of text together.

So this woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, starts by making the observation that there are just as many women interested in “playing the field” as there are men.

Now I dispute that, because I think women are more interested in settling down with a man, while men are more interested in playing field, but we’ll leave that point aside,

dream until your dreams come trueShe does make the point that whether you want to settle down or you want just a lot of dates and fun, Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever gives you all the information that you’ll need in either case.

Helpfully, she starts by explaining exactly what Capture His Heart is trying to do: like many other women, this lady had tried to make many men fall in love with her. Of course, she failed consistently, because she didn’t actually know what was driving the men, now what they wanted, nor what would make them fall in love with her.

So she praises the “unconventional and powerful ideas”, as she puts it, in Conquer His Heart and Force Him To Love You Forever, observing that one of the very first things Michael Fiore’s program does is to introduce various types of men, and describe how women can win their confidence.

She said that she’d been out of the dating “arena” for years before she came back in, and the Capture His Heart e-book really helped her to pick up the nuances of dating.

She also makes the observation that Capture His Heart helped her to identify whether or not the man whom she fancied was actually worthy of an intimate relationship with her.

So she’s very positive about her success.

Capture His Heart in Singapore

A woman called Catherine, writing in a discussion forum in Singapore of all places (although why I say that I’m not quite sure, because I’m sure the women in Singapore are just as keen to get dating advice as they are anywhere else in the world!) actually reveals a few tips that she’s found to be helpful in dating men.

These are commonplace pieces of information such as maintaining eye contact, allowing yourself to trust, and giving your partner space.

picture of mike fiore author of capture his heart and make him love you foreverThat’s all homespun advice, but she is on firmer ground when she says that although Michael Fiore’s style is a little bit distracting, reading his material is a very informative and enriching experience. She does, perhaps rather amusingly, ask who wants a man to be “obsessed and addicted to you”?

And she’s quite right, this isn’t really a way to be happy, but I’m not quite sure why she raises this in the context of Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.

This isn’t a program that claims to be a way men can be come obsessed with women. It’s actually a well-balanced program about dating. Maybe she had a bad experience with a man!

A woman in the forums appealed for help, because she was alone and wanted a man. She wants advice from her colleagues and friends in the forum on how to “capture a guy’s heart completely”.

And of course the replies come in very quickly: “There is no magical way to Capture His Heart completely” seems to be the most common response, as though men always maintain a secret part of themselves in isolation, and secretly avoid complete, 100% attachment to their women.

claire casey author of capture his heart and make him love you foreverBut of course this is just as true of women as it is of men. So it’s a relief when another woman chips in by making the observation that the right way to get into a man’s heart is to “be yourself and keep it light”. Because actually that’s exactly the essence of Claire Casey’s advice in Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever!.

We haven’t yet seen any direct and really positive reviews of capture is heart, so I’m turning to that old faithful: Amazon. And here I find an interesting comment — a woman who says that this is “A practical guide for women will open their eyes to men’s needs and longings.”

She says that Claire Casey offers essential information about capturing the heart of your man with tips on how to accomplish a great relationship. She gives the Capture His Heart ebook 4 stars.

Now we’re really getting somewhere!

Another review from November 2013 says that CHH and MHLYF is a comprehensive list of the best ways to capture a man’s heart that any woman can use.

A couple enjoying a beautiful sunsetThe reviewer goes on to say that “if you want to add passion and romance into your intimate relationship, then this is exactly what you need … you can use 101 different ways mentioned in Capture His Heart … and they will soon be saying how did you pick up that information?”

Actually there aren’t 101 ways to get a man in Capture His Heart — but essence of that review is spot on!

One on one of the more popular women’s forums — iVillage — Capture His Heart is reviewed in great detail. And it gets some amazing reviews, testifying to the way that women have been alone for ages, in some cases years, and then found themselves in exciting, rewarding and fulfilling relationships due to the advice in Mike Fiore’s eBook.

One woman observes: ” I’d almost become resigned to living alone with a cat for the rest of my life… LOL… and I was putting a brave face on it when all my friends were telling me about their exciting relationships…  deep down inside I felt such loneliness and misery. It was only when a sister on the I-talk romance forum suggested that I might try Capture His Heart to find a man that the clouds began to roll back in and the sun started to shine through!

Well, maybe that’s over-the-top language, but the truth of the matter is that my life has changed completely. I have the confidence to date men, more to the point I have the confidence to go and meet men whenever I want, and best of all, with Capture His Heart I got myself into a great relationship…… I whole-heartedly recommend it to all you singles out there who’d rather be in a couple.