Wake Up, Gorgeous!

So let me explain what Claire Casey, author of capture his heart, means when she talks about “Wake-Up Gorgeous”.

First of all, she emphasizes that this isn’t about giving you anything you don’t already have. This is actually about giving a wake-up call to the inner beautiful and confident woman you already have hidden away inside you!


So how you access that beautiful gorgeous woman inside you, the one that can be a siren to men, the one who knows all about dating men, and doesn’t actually need relationship advice for women?

(Of course, if she follows her feminine instincts she might not need dating tips, but wise relationship advice never goes amiss. That’s where Capture His Heart and make him Love You Forever comes in.)

Fortunately, you have Claire Casey on hand to help!

There are eight “lessons” in this section (this is nothing like school, LOL!), but the great thing is that there’s not a lot for you to do, because most of the work is done whilst you’re asleep.

You go through the “lessons” and choose the ones that you most need to focus on right now: then Claire shows you a special process of implanting that lesson, that motto, that piece of dating advice, that information about what a beautiful woman you are, into your subconscious before you go to sleep. Now, how easy is that!

When you wake up, you’ll be primed and ready to be your gorgeous new man-magnet self.

A Man’s View On Capturing A Man’s Heart & Making Him Love You Eternally!

I understand you might have some questions about this. So let me tell you something, as a man.

The women I want to be with is the woman who makes me feel good. The woman who’s confident about her own beauty and her own attractiveness — and by that I mean her inner beauty, and her inner attractiveness, because that is what really shines out.

Relationships built on superficial attraction or pure physicality aren’t going to last. You know that as well as I do. Relationships have to be built on something deeper than looks.

Here’s a video on the subject.


And, having said that, when you project out an attractive personality you look beautiful. That’s what this section of Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever is all about.

So let me give you a few examples of Claire’s advice in this section.

Tips on how you might “wake-up Gorgeous”: tips which come in 8 sections,  so YOU can choose what’s MOST IMPORTANT for you at any time… yes, 8 you get parts in this remarkable new dating advice for women.

Here’s a quote from Claire:

“A woman’s authentic confidence is like catnip for men. It sends them just a little bit happy-crazy. They can’t help themselves! They want to be near you because you make them feel relaxed and zippy at the same time. They’re drawn to you again and again for that fresh dose of energy and joy that comes from just being around you.!

So what’s the key to unlocking your confidence? How about working on that voice of inadequacy that runs a constant stream of negative comments in your head? How about a quick, effective and powerful way of dealing with that sneaky self-destructive inner voice? How about replacing it with a confident fresh voice that will show you up in an attractive positive light?

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Yes, all of the things that you need to actually stop that sneaky little self-destructive voice are revealed by Claire Casey in Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You For Ever.

Your dreams just came true….

The tactics you can use to do this range from amping up your own attributes, using a special mind-calming technique to silence your inner bitch (you know, the one who’s always criticising you), practising some sexy swaggering, and wearing gorgeous underwear.



And there are dozens more: I’m not listing them all here, and particularly not the really hot ones, because to do that will just give away all the secrets that Claire can explain to you, as a woman, better than I can, as a man.

‘Course, what I can tell you is the effect these things have on men.

For generations women have known how to seduce, how to attract, and how to win men.

For me, much of this is just about turning on your inner siren, the woman who’s already inside, but who perhaps hasn’t had the chance to show herself for a while.

And when all’s said and done, it’s women who hold the power in dating and relationships. Just remember that, girl, and then use Claire Casey’s tips to turn yourself into a hot man magnet.

You’re not convinced yet that you’re actually a hot siren, waiting to be unleashed on the male population?

Good! Because author of Catch His Heart and Keep Him Eternally*, Claire Casey, has plenty more dating tips for you. She’s going to tell you, step-by-step, how to:

  • Treat yourself to sensual pleasures that make you feel good.
  • Turn yourself into a temple of sensuous pleasure.
  • Keep yourself healthy and feeling very sexy (she supplies 51 different ideas to choose from — yes, 51!).
  • Indulge yourself so that you feel good about yourself.
  • Attract and seduce a man using nothing but your eyes.
  • Use those naturally feminine body moves that pierce men straight through the heart (you get 19 ideas to choose from here).
  • How to look absolutely great every day, and that includes the parts of yourself you think are ugly or less attractive (check it out, because it’s absolutely true!).
  • Understand and interpret men’s body language, so you know what they’re thinking about you as you talk to them – even when you see them across the room.
  • How to hold a conversation with a man in a way that really keeps him interested – this is what Claire calls conversational gold. I call it clever seduction.
  • Use certain qualities like admiration, empathy, and encouragement to cement the sense of attraction that a man feels for you.
  • And, believe it or not, when you talk to a man whose heart you wish to catch and keep, Claire shows you how to actually name, and understand, his deepest needs, wishes and fears. This will blow him away – no woman will ever have understood him like you do.

I will let a little cat out of the bag here, and just once again reaffirm that Claire knows exactly what she’s talking about: she lists the six main forces that operate in most men (see below). Claire is 100% correct about this. Don’t forget, I’m a male psychotherapist and I know what I’m talking about.  This is what she says:

  • He loves an adventure, and the thrill of the chase
  • Deep down, he’s afraid of failure
  • He’s very much driven by hormones
  • He desperately wants to feel needed and admired as a man
  • Most of the time, he’s very task/goal oriented
  • He’s bad with expressing and understanding complex feelings.

Once you start to understand the forces that are driving men from the inside, you can make them feel like you, and you alone, out of all the women in the world, really understand them. He’ll be yours, seized** and held, forever!

Now imagine the power that YOU are going to acquire. Claire gives you an explanation of how to tap into each of these are fundamental male “drivers”. For each of them she gives you exact tactics and strategies you can use to catch a man – and the impact on a man, when you do this, from your heart, is something greater than you can even begin to imagine.

I’m telling you, plain and simple, if you’re looking for fantastic new dating advice, and information that will keep any relationship going, you absolutely must read this section. It will teach you more about men than a month chatting to your sisters. Seriously.

*”Catch” is better than “capture”, don’tcha think?

**Seize the day – better than holding him prisoner, too, methinks!