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bonus with capture his heart and keep him love him foreverI just want to give you a bit more information on the extra bonus material that you can buy when you pick up a copy of Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.

Let me emphasize this isn’t about the Free Bonus Material included with the program. This is bonus material that you actually have to pay for.

(The Free Bonus Material is described at the top of this page under the heading – believe it or not – Free Bonus Content.)

What I’m trying to do here is help you decide whether or not to invest in the program’s add-on extras. 

They are:


So the first of those is called the Second Date Guarantee Package. Let’s get straight in there and see what it has to offer….

And that’s one heck of a compelling title, you’ve got to agree!

It’s an interview between Claire Casey and Michael Fiore, with a comprehensive report on “The Secret Tactics of Text Message Flirting” to go with it.

Is it worth it? I guess that depends on what secrets Claire Casey and Michael Fiore reveal in their interview, which is actually on MP3, complete with a transcript so you can read about this if you prefer the written word.

The key thing is this: when you’re a woman, strategies to get a second date are not about gamesmanship as much as they are about psychology, and as much as it is about the difference in psychology between men and women and the difference in what men are actually looking for in dating and in a relationship, as well.

And that’s really what this bonus really is all about – the differences in psychology between men and women, the differences that make men behave differently to women, and how women can interpret and understand male behavior.

But it goes further: it’s actually also about the things that women do that make men respond in a certain way — in this case, not phoning, calling or contacting after a great first date.

Yeah, of course this is a mystery to women. Why don’t men call after a great date? Well, the whole point is that women don’t understand male psychology: they see the situation from their own point of view, and they miss entirely the fact that men think, feel and behave differently.

Indeed, men need some specific approaches to feel safe, confident and happy. Of course there are a million different reasons why men might not be contacting you after the first date, ranging from the simple crudity of them just wanting sex, all way through to them being terrified that you’re looking for a life-long commitment.

So while this can all be quite complex, the great thing about the interview between Claire Casey and Mike Fiore is that it’s done in a relaxed, easy-going style that really simplifies all the reasons why men might not call you after first date.

Listening to this, or reading the transcript, will actually get you a fantastic insight into the way women behave around men — that is to say, the way women behave around men that scares them off!

And that doesn’t deny the possibility that the guy just didn’t want a second date, or doesn’t like you, and simply hasn’t got the balls to actually phone you and tell you.

You need to know all about that as well: so again that’s covered in this interview. My verdict is that it’s very insightful. It’s great value for money and it could save you a great deal of pain and angst.

But more to the point perhaps, it can actually show you what to do so that you’re not blown out after first date when everything went so well. And surely that’s the whole point?

Here’s your link to buy this product – the bonuses are an optional extra!

Here’s your link to buy this product – the bonuses are an optional extra!


Well, I’m giving myself another difficult job here ! To try and summarize a whole PDF document of dozens of pages in a few lines  isn’t easy…. so let me try and give you the flavour what’s going on in this bonus material.

Basically this bonus with Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever is all about understanding your man’s psychology.

No surprise there. I’ve come to see that Mike Fiore’s work is all about helping men and women understand each other across a gulf of difference that can sometimes seem so great that  it’s overwhelming.

Sure it’s great when you’re in the first romantic flush of a relationship and everything is heady and exciting … but as we all know, that excitement doesn’t last. What do you do when you’re actually faced with the nitty-gritty of a partner who seems to come from a different planet?

The fact is that of course if you have a translator – like this bonus with Capture His Heart and Make him Love You Forever, this is not a problem.

And all you need is Mike Fiore’s program to help you interpret what a man actually means when he says certain things – you know, the ones you interpreted completely differently.

So the material in this bonus is a huge resource for couples: it covers everything from the real reasons why couples fight, to how you can deal with this and avoid fighting completely. Let me emphasize that doesn’t mean that you will never disagree with your partner.

Of course you can disagree, because one of the fundamental things about a good relationship is that each partner remains true to who they are.

And of course you need some tools…… the ones that come with

capture his heart reviewCapture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.

I think all I need to do now is quote Mike Fiore. Here’s what he says:

After helping thousands of people have better relationships, I can
tell you this stuff isn’t the REAL reasons couples fight at all.
Nope, in the real world (of messy emotions that is love), we really only fight about five things. So what do we REALLY fight about?

I could list out a WHOLE BUNCH of psychobabble here about why folks go for the throat of the person they supposedly love. . .
But if you peel back the layers of the onion and examine human beings for the crazy, passionate, incredibly irrational creatures we are, you’ll realize that (if we actually love or even like our partner) we only fight for five simple reasons. . .

We fight because. . .

1. We feel insecure in the relationship and aren’t 100% sure that our
partner really loves us or is there for us. (Women in particular have
a tendency to pick fights with the men in their lives because they
want to get a “hot” response out an emotionally shut-down guy. To
a lot of women getting ANY emotion, even a really negative one, is
better than getting no emotion at all.)

2. We feel disrespected in the relationship and don’t feel like our
partner celebrates us or likes us enough. (Guys in particular are
prone to this.)

3.  We have crappy self esteem, are emotionally needy, want our partner to fill the gaping hole deep in our hearts, and get MAD at them when they don’t do it or make us happy.

4. We have crazy or unrealistic expectations about what a great relationship is supposed to be and rage against the cage of our own
disappointment when Prince Charming or Miss Perfect turns out
to be an honest-to-god human being.

5. We’ve got “Lady MacBeth Syndrome” and are worried about what
our partner’s actions, inactions, reputation, body, or whatever
else says about US (because we see our partner as an extension of
us when really they’re a totally separate person we choose to have

The really important bit to understand here is that the reason we get
into a FIGHT with our partner has VERY little do with their actions and almost EVERYTHING to do with OUR emotions and our own imperfect understanding of what a relationship is supposed to be.

This astounding bonus is full of insightful, powerful, potentially life changing material like that! It is essential  material for avoiding any kind of fight in your relationship…..!


And boy, did this ever live up to its name! This is like taking a PhD in man studies! What you don’t know about men after you read this isn’t worth knowing…

Here are some screen prints of the bonus sales page. you can see the incredible value you get! If you want to see the image larger, just click on it! To buy, click the link under the image and you’ll go straight to the sales page…

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